Sunday, March 09, 2014

Minna and the Dreambuilders

Here is a sneak peak at first tests from my next project still in early development. 
The story is based on one of my original ideas.
Produced by First Lady Film 

Minna, eleven years old, accidentally falls through a wall in her dreams. On the other side, she encounters the dream builders, the beings that builds our dreams. Manipulating the dreams, she can change things in reality – but that is strictly forbidden. Chased by the dream inspector Minna has to solve the problems she has created, save the dream builders, and escape the dream world.

Concepts: Anders Hald

This movie was originally imagined as a 2D project but we are now considering CGI possibilities.

We are just back from Cartoon Movie pitching the project. Its still in concept, but we got a lot of positive feedback.  

For more info Check out First Lady Film or

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