Kim Hagen Jensen is a Director, Storyboardartist, and Illustrator.

A few titles from a long resume are:
- Director of the animated feature film Minna and The Dreambuilders
(in development)
- Director of the animated short film Chrashlanded
- Director of the animated short film "Will-Bot in Friend or Foe”.
- CO director on the animated feature Snowflakes. (in development)
- Director of the Marco Macaco promotion shorts. 
- Animation sequence directior on "White slaves" a documentary TV series.
- Lead storyartist on Marco Macaco the feature and the TV series.
- VFX superviser and Storyartist on Asterix and the Vikings.
- VFX superviser on Help I am a Fish.

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Between projects Kim Hagen Jensen teaches drawing, animation, visual storytelling, etc.
Clients include several advertising agencies, The Danish Filmschool, Truemax 3D Academy, and The Animation Workshop.
In addition, Kim Hagen Jensen has worked on developing the original curriculum for The Batchlor in Character Animation as well as the newly established Batchlor in Graphic Narrative for The Animation Workshop.
Kim also functions as a head of the censor group and is a member of the advisory board for the school.

Kim Hagen Jensen has published a few short comics. Titles include: The black Hat, The room where love lives written by Grant Morrison.

Illustration / Idea developmet
From time to time Kim Hagen Jensen provides material for advertising, computer games, the internet, book and comic-book publishers.
Assignments often include: Concept and idea development, Character design, World creation, illustration and comic book pages.