Friday, September 28, 2012

Will-Bot in Friend or Foe.

Will-Bot in Friend or Foe

A 5 min short film about two robots on a moon.
I directed, and created and designed the universe. The production took place in 2011-12.
(c) 2012 Nice Ninja.

The film was a co production between Nice Ninja and the Truemax academy. With only a small grant from A.N.I.S the budget was tiny.

It was quite a challengeAll my work on the film had to be after normal work hours, time was limited, the production crew was mostly students that had little previous production experience and very few animation skills. They rose to the occasion, put in a lot of hard work and managed to reach a very high level of output. 

For more info abut the film check the Will-Bot Facebook page

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Mads Juul said...

Glæder mig til at se den!