Saturday, August 28, 2010

White Slaves

Sequence animation direction on Danish documentary series. 

During the last coupple of months I've been storyboarding and directing 18 minutes of animation on "White Slaves"A dokumentary series created by Lisbeth Jessen for Danish TV. 

Very cool to work on animation for adults for once. Check out the last episode of the series tomorrow Sunday 29th of Sept. at DR 2.  21.50

Here is a few boards and some of the final artwork. Film clips will follow soon.

Artwork: Kim Hagen, Alexander Rostov.
Animation: Mark Film


Ditlev said...

Fedt Kim. Rigtig lækre farver

jean morel said...

Amazing stuff Kim!

Søren said...

Så den på dr2 og kunne genkende det med det samme ud fra hvad du havde fortalt os på truemax. Super fedt arbejde!

AnimationGirl said...

Love your stuff