Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ramasjang - The making of..

I art-directed, designed and storyboarded DR Ramsjang musikvideo.

Over the summer a small team at Radar film put together the music video for Ramasjang, directed by Daniel Silwerfeldt.
Huge ambitions on a small budget. We got the assignment from &Co who gave us a lot of creative freedom to interpet the video as we saw fit.
I was artdirector and storyboard artist on this one and came up with most of the visual ideas for the video. Besides some props and the actors, the scenes consists entirely of mattepaints and 3D. A fun project.

The live action shoot took alot of very carefull planning. Check below to see 3 versions of the video. The almost final board, the rough footage from the greenscreen studio and the final result.

Ramasjang Storyboard v3 from Kim Hagen on Vimeo.

Ramasjang green screen from Kim Hagen on Vimeo.

Ramasjang from Kim Hagen on Vimeo.

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