Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Here is a short overview of what I’ve been up to the last couple of years…

2001 - 2003

At A-film I worked on Help iam fish, supervising special effects and moved over to do development work on Trollstory ( a great, very promising project that never got financed. )

I joined A films new Game dpt. where I co directed two computergames with Eskil Møhl: Zone 5 and Rich In Paradice.
Later I went to work on a game based on the Swedish Golith franchise, developing concept and gameplay. An ambitious project involving several platforms, both a console game and a TV game. Jan Solheim did the designs.

Drawings by Jan Solheim copyright Afilm

I took a break from Afilm and joined the newly formed game company Kudos. Here I did development work on the console game “Jerusalem” ( another great, very promising project that never got financed. )

Later I returned to Afilm to do what I enjoy the most – storyboard.
I did bords for the CGI feature Ugly Duckling, and moved on to do boards on Asterix and the Vikings.


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